Our Staff

While “Midnight Bob” Shuster is the owner and Chief Technical Engineer at Shuster Sound, the company requires experts with very specific skills to keep the operation running smoothly. We’d like to introduce the main staff:

Midnight Bob Shuster


Hans Shuster

Shop Assistant

Lollipop and Hans Shuster

24-Hour Security

Elmer Shuster


Lilly Shuster


Vinny Shuster

Customer Service

Ozzie Shuster

Pest Control

Sage Shuster

Quality Control

Penny Shuster


Lollipop Shuster

Expedited Orders

The Sound FX Crew

Shop Assistant, Hans Shuster, is always right under foot at the Shuster Sound home base. During intricate component level troubleshooting, repairing stubborn power supplies, recapping vintage pre-amps or soldering complicated circuit boards, Hans is there to keep Bob company and provide much needed assistance. Hans has been with Shuster Sound since 2012 and is a 150 pound Saint Bernard.

When orders require expediting, a dedicated employee like Lollipop Shuster is essential. Her biggest skills include sleeping on her back, barking and asking for hugs and treats. She is especially helpful in the fact that she tries to keep Bob off the phone and back to work by barking incessantly in the background when the phone rings at the home shop. Lolly arrived at Shuster Sound in 2009 from Seattle, Washington and is a 118 pound Saint Bernard.

We are proud to say that complaints are rare at Shuster Sound, but if you have a problem, we invite you to speak with Elmer Shuster. Being stubborn as a mule, Elmer cuts down on our complaints since people normally give up rather than pursue these issues. Elmer is a “John mule” and is a favorite of visitors dropping off or picking up equipment since he is the first to the fence to find out if our clients are satisfied.

Working with Elmer is Lilly Shuster, who is larger and stronger than Elmer, thus making her uniquely qualified to handle those unusual and difficult transportation issues. However, since she, too, is a mule, you never know when she might decide to plant her feet and refuse to move for a few hours, so those choosing her for transporting gear must be extra patient.

As you can see, we have carefully selected each member of our staff and entrust them with many important aspects of Shuster Sound’s day to day operations.

Ozzie Shuster has been on duty for over 10 years at Shuster Sound, making sure any pests, human or other, are quickly dispatched from the premises. Ozzie takes his job very seriously.

When it comes to an employee with a lot to say, you can always rely on Vinny Shuster. From the time a client pulls into the driveway until they are long gone, Vinny’s voice can be heard for blocks around.

Penny and Sage Shuster work together to keep Shuster Sound in its current condition and to ensure that nothing leaves the premises without a full quality control check. Sage will loudly yell, “NAAAAAAAAAAAA!” should he feel that anything is amiss. However, since he is given treats for his excellent judgment, we hear his infamous bleat all the time now.