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My name is “Midnight” Bob Shuster and I am one of the few remaining good old analog heavy duty audio techs left from the height of the New York City recording studio days. My nickname, “Midnight Bob” was given to me because I usually worked the overnight shift at the major recording studios. During those hours, I had the greatest access to the studios allowing me to perform the types of repairs and maintenance necessary to keep these world class rooms in tip-top shape.

Unfortunately, too many of those classic rooms are now gone and by the beginning for the 2000s, the only way a tech could survive was to change occupations or become independent. While Shuster Sound has been in business since the 1970s, it was a sideline business for me, and I did more than just repairs at the time. It was more my outlet to do smaller projects as a recording engineer.

For a while, it looked like analog recording was going to become extinct, but, thankfully, there has been a big resurgence and now there just aren’t enough of us old heavy duty techs out there anymore. I regularly work at WKCR, the student run radio station at Columbia University in New York, and it is very encouraging to see the high level of interest the students show when I am asked to do seminars.

Please check out the pages on my site to find out what I do. I hope to be constantly developing the site in order to include more of the photos, articles and other interesting bits of history I have experienced in my decades in the recording studio business.

My Recent Projects

My projects are my passion. To learn more about what I am working on, click a project below.

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Client List

Shuster Sound has had the privilege to work with many of the top studios, musical artists and venues all around the country.


Shuster Sound provides audio technical maintenance, troubleshooting, wiring and installation and repair services.


Shuster Sound was founded in 1975, by Bob Shuster, in the basement of his parents’ home in Valley Stream, New York.


Shuster Sound loves to work on and repair all types of audio equipment. Check out our Gallery for a look at some of our favorites.

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