Not long ago, I did a service call at Lincoln Center Library of Performing Arts in Manhattan-Media Conservatory Department. They have a large number of turntables for archival purposes and I was called in to service quite a few of them. They are Technics model SP15 tables. These models were sold as turntables only. The purchaser had to select a tone arm and a base (plinth). This was because audiophiles each had their own specific preferences and Technics specialized in the turntable alone.

Turntables have been making a big comeback in recent years and the manufacturers were not prepared for the demand. Technics, one of the most popular names in turntables during the last years in production. In 2010, the company stopped making turntables, including its famous SL1200, but were forced back into action in 2016. There are two different models being released: a limited 50th Anniversary Edition and a non-limited edition.

Technics claims many technical improvements in the SL1200G, primarily having to do with the elimination of “cogging”, which means a smoother movement. When the tables became available to the public in Japan, the company greatly underestimated the public’s interest. At an approximate cost of $4,000 US, rumor has it that the entire available inventory sold out in less than a day…some claim as fast as 45 minutes.
3 turntables and a microphone
Note: The SP15 turntables are depicted here. I have not seen the new SL1200G in person yet.